Randy Hill - Testimonials

Hi Randy,           We want to formally thank you for all of your service and help of buying our first home.

Your professionalism and personal touch have made us less stressful through all the frustrations. We could not have been happier and we are very happy we found you as our realtor.            Thank you for coming out to tell me where my new home's main waterline switch is. It was beyond your duty and responsibility. We would definitely recommend you to our friends if they ever need to buy or sell a home. Sincerely, Christine and Frank

Randy,The man, the myth, the legend!

  Great job on Chad and Leslie's house.  We were following it quite closely.  We were wondering if you could pull off the impossible, and it looks like you did.  Congrats.  Sorry for the long delay in response.  I finally got a chance to sit down and formulate an email.  Thank you so much for the family passes to the aquarium.  We were actually talking about getting these passes for ourselves, so they were a great surprise.  Also, thank you again for working with us and getting us into 2 great homes.  Conquista was a great first home. Fighting and winning that house was nothing short of a miracle.  Could not have done that without you.  And of course that lead us to this home.  We are slowly growing into Palomar but we'll get there.  We do miss the old neighborhood and that tiny house.  But again, thank you.  You have been a major part of our family's growth for the past several years.  I keep telling people, who are looking for homes, about you.  I will keep referring people to you and your company.   You were right about one thing though, Palomar is a great home, but will not be our last home. Hope you're still working by the time we are ready to sell again.  Hahaha.Thank you again.Kiet and Karin.  PS. did you realized that you locked in our Palomar house on your birthday and you also locked down Chad and Leslie's house 1 year later around the same time?  Amazing

Kiet and Karin

Randy, thank you so much for help us out to find our first home after such a long 5 months period could not find anything.

Thank you for being patient with us during those time. Finally we found one and had it closed for a month. Your professionalism, generosity and expertise are superb. Thank you so much, May god bless you.

Kevin, Xochitl

September 17, 2013 Randy, You've done it again.

 Attached, please find your most recent closed escrow survey from SF Member Juan Sevilla.  He rated you as 100% Excellent.  This is the 5th 100% Excellent rating you've received from a Member.  That is outstanding!  Thanks for providing amazing service and representation.  It is a privilege to be partnering with you! I appreciate you! Todd --  Todd Bruechert vp, strategic partnerships and ecommerce Randy, You've done it again.  Attached, please find your most recent closed escrow survey from SF Member Juan Sevilla.  He rated you as 100% Excellent.  This is the 5th 100% Excellent rating you've received from a Member.  That is outstanding!  Thanks for providing amazing service and representation.  It is a privilege to be partnering with you! I appreciate you! Todd --  todd bruechert vp, strategic partnerships and ecommerce Randy, You've done it again.  Attached, please find your most recent closed escrow survey from SF Member Juan Sevilla.  He rated you as 100% Excellent.  This is the 5th 100% Excellent rating you've received from a Member.  That is outstanding!  Thanks for providing amazing service and representation.  It is a privilege to be partnering with you! I appreciate you! Todd --  todd bruechert vp, strategic partnerships and ecommerce Randy,

Thanks so much for your efforts and support through our Cramer home purchase.

  Both Jim and I feel very fortunate to have met you at the open house in Rossmoor.  In case you would find it valuable, below is our heart-felt recommendation on your work as a real estate agent.  Wish you an on-going success in the business, and we'll recommend you to other potential sellers/buyers....     Randy is a very special person who made our house search experience both enjoyable and successful.  After spending several frustrating months searching with other realtors, Randy proved to be an essential asset to us.  His professionalism and thorough understanding of the market led us to the purchase of the home were looking for in just two short weeks.  He always made himself available and went above and beyond the call of duty to find us the right house in the right neighborhood.  We look forward to working with him again.Jim & Nicole 

This was my first time buying a home, and I was also looking for condos on the lower end of the scale.

Therefore, I was fairly nervous and assumed that I would get very little attention. With my agent Randy Hill, this could not be farther from the truth. During our first meeting, to help me feel more at ease he took time to explain all the steps involved in buying a new home. We then began looking for properties in my price range. We found a couple, and made appointments to see them in the next two days. While they did not work out, after that day, whenever I let him now that I wanted to see a property, my call as promptly returned and I had an appointment to see it within a day or so. When I was ready to purchase, he again took time to let me know what time expect and helped me stay on top of all the paperwork. He even came out and did his own quick inspection to be sure that everything was proper. In other words, I was treated as though I were a V.I.P. That is definitely not what I expected! I could not recommend Randy and First Team more. They made the experience of my buying my first condo much less stressful and far more enjoyable than I had expected.

James Hirsch

Randy, See attached.

 Another 100% Excellent survey, this one from SF Member David Westmoreland!  Wow, I'm impressed.  Thanks for all you are doing to provide outstanding service and representation. I really appreciate you! Todd

I wanted to let you know about the great experience I had with our realtor, Randy Hill.

We just bought our first home, from the very start Randy took the time to go over the process with us, never pushed or rushed us and gave us great advice along the way. I will definitely recommend him as a realtor to my friends.

Omid W

May 14, 2013 Hi Randy,     You did it again!

 Another 100% Excellent survey this one from SF Member Orlando Lewis.  That's awesome!  This is the fourth survey you've received and every Member has rated your service as 100% Excellent!  Thanks for doing so much for all of your Members.   I appreciate you! Todd

We would highly recommend Randy Hill for prospective home buyers!

 We recently purchased our first house in Rossmoor and were comfortable with the process from start to finish.   He made us feel like his only clients and we found the perfect home for us and our young daughter.    Randy was highly knowledgeable about the area and most importantly took time to really understand our needs.  We never felt pressured and he was extremely patient when addressing all of our questions/concerns; recognizing that we needed to go through our own decision-making process.  His sense of humor also made the experience more fun while still being professional!  During escrow, Randy kept on top of the details and was proactive in bringing items to our attention, which we greatly appreciated and gave us piece of mind that nothing was being overlooked. We love our new home!  It just feels “right” when we walk in the door, which is the best praise I think we could give a realtor!  We would definitely enlist Randy’s services in the future if we were to move and also consider him our friend.  That said, we think we’ve found our home for the long-term so he may not get any more business from us for another 20-30 years! J  Jacob and Brianna Gerber

From: Erica and Darren N.

  Randy stepped in to help us after our original realtor had an accident, and he was great! We had hit a bit of a slump in the househunting process, and he got us right back into the groove, finding out what we were really looking for, taking us out and helping us to find OUR home. He has also been gracious enough to help us out with a few new-homeowner questions and issues we've had, even months after closing. Great communicator, great listener, highly recommended. Thanks!!

Randy Hill - Great person and just the Realtor that I needed for my first time home buying experience.

Awsome! Tyson A.

My family was faced with selling our home which had been in the family for 50 years.

We met with several local realtors and found  Randy to bethe most sensitive to the situation as well as the most realistic, and honest. Randy helped us through the process with expert professionalism so that we didn't have surprises to add to our stress, which he greatly reduced with his calm demeanor. I would recommend Randy Hill for anybody needing to consider a real estate sale or purchase ..or just some solid and honest advice.James Jensen

Around the Month of Feb.

2018, We decided to sell are home in Los Alamitos, Ca. we are going to build a home in Prescott Valley,Az. We decided to use Randy Hill of First Team Real Estate. That decision was the best choice we could of made. From start to finish Feb to June 19 (closing date) Randy sent us all the procedures. His professionalism was outstanding. We constantly had questions for him and he was always on top of things. He would always give us updates on what was going on and what to expect, right to the day of closing.  I highly encourage anyone to call me if they want to know about Mr Hills great work. SincerelyRudy and Patricia E  

Rudy and Patricia E

 Randy Hill worked tirelessly for us during the entire nine months that was necessary to find and close our deal.

I have to say that that he put in a top notch effort doing anything and everything that was required during the entire process. We had very specific requirements as to what we were looking for but we were able to buy due to his patience and efforts. I was actually surprised that a realtor would spend that much time with us without giving up. Randy was able to get us a top notch loan person who did what seemed impossible for us with other lenders. This was due to income limitations resulting from the fact that we wanted to keep our existing home as well as purchase a new home. In the end we had to do an FHA loan due to our condition. With the difficulty we were having being considered by buyers due to our FHA loan, I doubt we would have ever found something if Randy would not have kept a watchful eye out for us and let us know immediately that a buyer had fallen out of an existing escrow deal for something that was on the market several months earlier. We were able to jump straight into that deal and never had to compete for the property on terms of price or loan type. In the end what ever your real estate needs, I believe choosing Randy Hill as your realtor should reward you well. You will find yourself appreciating his tireless efforts, up beat attitude, and devotion to his profession. Thank You, Jason Hein

Hello Randy its Nicole Nunez.

  thank yoiu the process of this house, the restraunt coupon book (from New years) and the Thanksgiving pie it was delicious, heavy, and very thoughtful.  I see your listing around Los Alamitos.  I wish you all the success in real-estate.  Your good at what you do.  I appreciate you very much.  Please keep in touch.  Happy Holidays to you and your family.  Take Care Nicole

From: Callista L.

 I've been meaning to say thanks for recommending that I talk to Randy about real estate. He really helped me to organize my thoughts about the 3 very different options I was considering....   Anyway, I've already told Randy but will also tell you to that I was impressed with how and what he presented to help me decide what to do and I look forward to being able to recommend a friend to him.

Good Afternoon Randy, We finally made Bird Court our Home!

!!!!!  We are on our 3 week here, not completely settled but enjoying every minute of the OC,  THANK YOU AGAIN  for ALL your help for making this house possible for us. We truly are grateful. If you are in the neighborhood stop by and see ALL the changes we made. Have a great rest of the summer!! John and Carol

Working with Randy Hill was a great experience.

From the start, he was polite, professional and thorough.   What really mattered most was that he was very honest and patient. We never felt like he was a "Salesman".    The whole process of selling our home and purchasing a new one was stressful at times, but Randy was there for my Wife and I every step of the way.   Once the deals were done, Randy even visited our new home prior to us moving in and repaired a bathroom fixture that I agreed to repair myself!   Great work Randy!    - A very satisfied family.

Results from Schools First Credit Union Survey: Ranked as Excellent in all categories.

100% Rating "Randy Hill, ...was more than I could have hoped for" N & J

August 2012 Randy enabled us to find a replacement home in our retirement years with a lot of requirements outside of the ordinary.

  He very patiently paid attention to the details of our needs and searched for possibilities for us and showed us everything available that met our criteria.  He worked tirelessly, patiently, and diligently until we found the perfect one.  He then worked with us at every step of the way through escrow, always on top of the escrow process.  He made what was a very difficult situation as smooth as silk.  We are and always be very grateful to him for his time, attention to detail and follow-through. Sue


2012 "Congratulations to Randy Hill who received 100% Excellent Survey responses from Schools First Credit Union Member."   Todd - VP Strategic Partnerships

Highlights from Danielson, Trustee Survey - August 2012 Randy was.

.."very through and diligent in searching all areas of interest in properties. I felt aware of all possibilities and conditions."   Randy was knew that ..."timing of escrow closing was crucial" and it was done on time, within three weeks.

Hi Randy,It has been a week since the moving truck delivered the rest of our stuff.

  Sara and I have been working hard putting everything away, and organizing it, as well as determining what we need to keep or can part with.  There will be a neighborhood garage sale in a couple more weeks, so the timing was good.  We are dealing with our last box today, and are very pleased with the progress, and the fact that most of it fits in our house.  Leaving behind many of the larger items made the process a bit easier, so that was worth what we went through to get that done. We are excited to be able to start this new chapter in our lives.  Thanks so much for your help!I was not sure whether you wanted the testimonial as a separate attachment or not, so I will include it with this email.  If you need it attached or expanded, let me know, and I will do so.  Here it is (feel free to edit to your needs):My wife and I have known Randy Hill for over 20 years, and have found him to be a trustworthy, hard working, knowledgeable, personable, and fair minded individual who is also very dedicated and tuned in to our community.  When we decided it was time to sell our Rossmoor home that we had lived in since 1991, we knew he would be the perfect choice to represent us as our realtor.  He did not disappoint!The two most important decisions for us to make were how to price the home, and how to present it.  Randy was well prepared to help us with both of these actions. He understood the various factors involved in determining a proper price for our home, and we were very happy with the resulting selling price.  He gave us suggestions regarding how to show the house, and with the help of his excellent photographer, our home presented extremely well, and never looked better! He also put together some beautiful flyers and adds. First Team Real Estate, and the supporting Coast Cities Escrow company were very professional and efficient. Throughout the process, Randy was extremely communicative, answering all our questions quickly, and completely. We had offers immediately, and the process went smoothly and fit right into our desired timeline and price expectation.  We could not have been more thrilled, and highly recommend Randy Hill if you are looking for a professional to help you with your home sale.Randy, so there you have it.  I was not sure how much detail to go into, but hopefully this will suffice.  Sara says I have a tendency to give "too much information", so I tried to keep it simple, while covering all the bases (note the baseball metaphor).  Let me know if you need more detail, or anything else.We would love to have you guys come for a visit if you have a mind to come out this way.  Thanks again so much for all your help, we could not have been happier with the result!Sincerely,Marcus and Sara

Marcus and Sara

May 4, 2013 My wife and I recently listed our home in Rossmoor with Randy Hill  of First Team Realty.

I was very impressed with his professionalism,  knowledge, attention to detail and marketing expertise. Our home was  sold in less than 3 weeks within the price range we specified.  Randy was very active in all the steps of what can be a complicated  process and always kept us informed about the submission deadlines  and inspections. He continued to follow-up well after the escrow closed, making sure  that other details such as moving timelines, copies of completed  escrow documents, etc. were in order, completed, and submitted.  Randy, by far, has been the best sales agent that we have ever had in  a home sale.  Sincerely, John S

Aug 2012   Randy,    I just received this closed escrow survey from Kiet N.

 He rated your service as 100% Excellent across every category.  Awesome! Thanks for being outstanding.  I appreciate you! Todd

You did it again!

 Another 100% Excellent Survey, this one from SF Member John Panneck.  Thanks for always providing such outstanding service.   Well done!

This is long overdue thank you for being so understanding and patient with us.

 Your expertise was appreciated as you walked us through the entire process as if it was your first time explaining it... each time.  The Process at time was frustrating but never on your end and I thank you sincerely for making the experience a pleasant one.The  terrarium is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for the generous gift, its a great addition and a welcome bit of green to our otherwise cluttered, box-littered space!  Thank you Kyle

Randy was fantastic.

He went above and beyond our expectations. And he stuck it out with us for over a year, before we found the home that was right for us. It was a pleasure to work with him. We really appreciated his level of experience-- we have friends that are just getting started in the real estate business who really wanted to be our agents, but we wanted to work with someone with many years of experience under his belt so that we could receive better guidance. So glad we stuck with Randy. To be honest, we'll miss him now that we're no longer house-hunting with him!

Freddy and Cordelia Sotelo

I worked with Randy to find my first home, a small condo in Long Beach.

Randy was very helpful and patient in helping me learn about the process of buying a home. He knows what to look for in a place, and was always very responsive with any questions I had in person, over the phone, or over email. He's always very punctual with his paperwork and always available to get documents signed or to address anything that comes up. He has a great sense of humor and made the process of buying a home an enjoyable one. I had a great experience working with him and would highly recommend his services. Thanks for the orchid too! William I worked with Randy to find my first home, a small condo in Long Beach. Randy was very helpful and patient in helping me learn about the process of buying a home. He knows what to look for in a place, and was always very responsive with any questions I had in person, over the phone, or over email. He's always very punctual with his paperwork and always available to get documents signed or to address anything that comes up. He has a great sense of humor and made the process of buying a home an enjoyable one. I had a great experience working with him and would highly recommend his services. Thanks for the orchid too! William

Randy is the best there's no better in my book

Iemad Chshko

Randy, Thing are going great, we really love the new house and the neighborhood.

  You really helped us make a great choice.    Take Care Jim

All those looking to purchase a home should be as fortunate as we were to find Randy Hill.

I have been self employed all my life and it is never easy to find funding. Randy and is team changed that for me and made it all happen. I was struggling with B of A when Randy suggested I use Cory from I mortgage. If it wasn't for his proficiency and in site we would never have closed. His Daily communications with us & the listing agent & escrow & even our financial Institution was way above the call of duty. He was always encouraging and with his delightful humor made the whole process actually fun. I have purchased a dozen properties over the past 25 years, I wish I had used Randy for all of them. Recently Randy also helped my son to buy his first home. Randy will always be the Realtor for me and our family. With appreciation The Braswell Family

Comments from First Teams Quality Service Survey: Ranked all 5's (the top rating) "Randy was the Best!

He always took my calls and called back in a timely manner.  Just LOVE Randy Hill!" DH

Ann & Randy, We don't always get the kudos we deserve.

I wanted to forward this email to you both that I sent to Fred this morning. I felt it was important to point out the two of you to him as examples of agents who do things RIGHT! amongst the many who don't..................   Have a great day! Jean

Hello Randy, Thank you very much for your efforts on the Bose transaction.

 The loan process went extremely well, due in great part to your attention to detail and the professional way in which you work with your clients.  It is a pleasure to deal with someone as thorough as you are. Please call me again when you have a client who needs mortgage financing.  I look forward to the opportunity of helping you successfully complete your next sale. Thanks again! Greg Holley - Sept 27, 2012

As first time home buyers and parents of a 1 year old, we knew we were going to need a lot of help maneuvering the housing market, especially with our crazy schedules and limited budget.

Randy was the best! He was very helpful in informing us about the various steps in the home-buying process and was also very patient with us (since Tony and I didn’t always agree on what we were looking for) and was always willing to work with our schedules. He also went above-and-beyond in advocating for us when we started making offers. We can’t say enough about how pleasant and positive our home buying experience was, and we know it was all due to Randy and the invaluable guidance he provided. We love our new home! Thanks Randy!

Tony Gutierrez

Randy, Thank you so much for helping us find this house!

Jenny and Nosh L. January 29, 2013

From: Nicole N.

January 2013  This email of appreciation is a month over due. Hello, it's Nicole Nunez . You had a really good year in 2012. First congratulations on becoming Man of the Year for Los Alamitos. They have chosen the most hard working man in the community... You are a master negotiator and you know how to close a real estate deal. It was no mistake on how we met at a random open house. I truly believe it was meant to be. The house is perfect and in three years not one issue. We're so fortunate to be here.  Thank you for the delicious pie and cookies. .Have a good one in 2013! God bless you and your family with good health

  Randy Hill was a amazing asset in help us through the process of buying a home.

He simultaneously kept us completely informed advising us throughout the process, but never pressured us, letting us know that we were fully in control.    He had a depth of knowledge of local real estate and information regarding the whole escrow process which used patiently providing us information continuously.   He was always responsive and made us feel supported.

From: scott c  Sent: Tue 8/2/2011 10:32 AM To: Randy Hill Cc: Jess A Subject: testimonial   Randy did a great job getting us into our new home.

He sat down with us at the start of the process and figured out what we were looking for and what we had in mind as first time home buyers. He explained various things to us along the way of what to look for in the neighborhoods and at the properties. Randy was able to show us many homes, was flexible on when to look at properties and review paperwork. We appreciate the work Randy did and are happy with our new home. Even though he didn't help us move anything. Thanks Randy. Scott and Jessica (feel free to delete that last sentence ;) )    

  From: Lyle F.

Randy, we selected your offer over another equally good offer because we felt your manner and professionalism was higher than the other agent and would probably help create a relatively trouble free transaction.....

Finding the right real estate agent can be pain staking;  having worked with dozens of them I wanted to share my experience with Randall Hill.

 Randy's detailed insight to the market, and patient dedication to finding you the right home; keeps him in a class by himself.  Randy's determination and commitment to helping me and my family find a home is something we will always be grateful for. If you are looking for a home; look no further.  Randy Hill of First Team Real Estate will find it for you. Jeri Estes

Randy was great to work with in the search for our first home!

His continuous efforts and hard work really paid off and we were able to find the perfect home for us. Randy went above and beyond when it came to communication and he was very transparent with the home buying process. Thank you so much for all your help and guidance. We look forward to working with you in the future!   Thanks, Lauren & Chris

Dear Randy,        Jim and I would like to express our appreciation to you and First Team.

  You gave 100% for us and had excellent advertising for our home.  The house sold after the first open house and at more than we thought we would get for it!  We are very pleased and will recommend you to others who are looking to sell or buy a house.  Thank you again.                                                                                     Sincerely,                                                                                     Roselle Leonetti

My wife and I just purchased an investment home in Lakewood in May 2011.

  Mr Randy Hill was representing us as the buyers agent.  Our experience with Mr. Hill has been the most pleasant and highly professional. Randy has been diligently and patiently assisting us with our searches for the last two years.  He is very reliable. He is available at most hours of the day:moring, day and eveing.  He would show us properties at any time of the week that we are available.  He is excellent in following up with the seller's agent on the status fo their properties.  His research on our quesitons about a property is thorough and fast. Moreover, Randy is ethical and trustworthy.  We often ask him for his opionons and assessment of the prospect on a property and would receive his professionally honest evaluations.  He would not hesitate to tell us that a property is a poor investment.  We trust him and know that he is concerned with our financial interests and well deing. More importantly, he does nto pressure us to make a decision.  He knows the gravitty of the decision that we have to make.  He gives us time to consider and guides us with our decision making process whenever we need his help. Finally, Randy Hill is simply the most wonderful and best real estate agent whom we have worked and purchased a house with over the past twenty years.  He is knowledgeable.  We are certain that he will do his very best to earn your trust and make your purchase a pleasant experience. Ratanmy Nye and Jasmin Krau

...Randy I will refer you to anyone because you know kow to make a transaction go through.  Not one thing has gone wrong with the house.  We are so happy here.  It's hard to believe that it has been two years.  I added Dammer plantation shutters throught out.  Other than that just pay the mortage every month.  I am really grateful for you.  Thank you very much.  Keep doing what your doing.....  Longies

Randy Hill has help me purchase two properties as well as several of my friends over the Last 5 Years here in Rossmoor and Seal Beach.

He sits on many Community boards and lives in Rossmoor Highlands himself. He used the most efficient, the best person in real estate I've ever met and I am a realtor investor. Highly highly highly recommend Randy Hill. Here is the link to all of his information and contact numbers.

James B

From: Paulina  To: Randy Hill   Subject: RE: Burnet No problem.

You really proved to have worked for your client's favor... and I will definitely recommend you to our friends and relatives. Thank you. Paulina

I met Randy through my brother.

Randy had sold our parents home in Seal Beach in 2011. Randy sold our condo in Long Beach within two weeks of the listing. It was a pleasure working with Randy who always made my husband and I feel like a million dollar client.


June 20, 2015 I was first introduced to Randy by my School's First mortgage associate, and Mario Cortez (School's First Agent)  had high regards for him so I figured I would give it a shot.

From my very first visit at the Los Alamitos First Team Office I realized how accurate the associate was about Randy being a great Real Estate Agent. This was my first home purchase, and I had heard many horrors from friends and family, but my experience was far too easy.Some of the key points that stand out about my experience with Randy was that he was than willing to go over any piece of information at different hours of the day. He made it a priority to get back to me even if it was late at night or early in the morning. When we began to see homes Randy was able to spot things out that I might not have seen. Randy was quick to relay any information he had heard about potential listings, and the great news when our offer was accepted. Randy is a great and easygoing guy who will not force or attempt to convince you that this is the last available home on the market. I like to think that working with Randy is like having another friend in your corner looking out for your best interest, and that is why I highly recommend Randy Hill for your real estate needs. Thank you Randy-My family can not thank you enough for helping us get into our first home. -The Velasco'sTake care--If anyone needs an agent i'll be sure to point them your way-Richard

Randy helped me buy my first condo back in 2011.

 being only 23 at the time I was very impressed by his willingness and patience to help me find the perfect place and not just pushing me aside becasue of my age.  he even accommodated my busy work schedule and was able to meet with me outside of normal business hours to show me properties and eventually signing all the paperwork.  As soon as I save up enough money for a house, Randy will be the first person I call.  Buying property is a big deal, do yourself a favor and go with a Pro like Randy.  Chestnut Street - Long Beach CA 


My wife and I have worked with several Realtors in the past and Randy Hill has been one of the most helpful and organized agents I’ve known.

  I met Randy in an open house over 1 year ago while searching for an investment property. He asked the all right questions to immediately send a weekly computer list of properties that may interest me. We battled the crazy world of real estate for the next year but did not have any luck in getting anything for the right price.  Regardless, Randy was always enthusiastic, realistic, and honest on what was occurring. When we did finally find a property and it became clear we were the prime bid he wasted no time in closing the deal. Throughout the process of negotiations with the sellers, dealing with the lenders, and even future tenants he was very persistent and steady. Even after the deal was done he went that extra mile and put up a “For Rent” sign, because we were out of town, with his numbers so we wouldn’t loose out on any perspective tenants. We would not hesitate to highly recommend Randy as your Realtor and we plan on using him in the future!   Warm Regards,     Andrew and Stephanie

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