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Recession Will not Hurt Housing Prices

Saw this article today and I think it is very important!I know many of us believe the cycle will turn toward recession fairly soon. Some folks think lower housing costs will follow and have actually

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Will Higher Interest Rates Create Housing Crash?

We are all hearing about rising rates and a cycle overdue for a crash. Keep in mind, rising rates are a reflection of a strong economy. A strong economy typically increases demand for housing.

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When is it Time to Move Up?

When you bought your home, life was different. Whether you had fewer pets, kids or stuff, it seemed bigger back then.Now that you’ve settled in, you have guests and friends that make the house

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Owning Your Home is a Great Idea!

Some people are questioning if the time is right to buy a home. After all, prices have gone way up and we are almost certain to see another housing crisis soon, right?Actually, not so fast! There is

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